TomTom Micro USB Traffic Receiver
Replacement for 4UUC.003.05

Includes One Year Warranty

The TomTom Micro-USB Traffic Receiver receives traffic incidents while driving and sends the data to your TomTom. TomTom then routes you around each incident. Connect the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to your TomTom and the car charger, and receive traffic incidents automatically over the TMC connection. It also provides real-time traffic information updates, including traffic jams, emergency situations, accidents, and construction.It also allows you to select an alternate route should an incident occur along a programmed route. It includes 12 months free Traffic Message Channel (TMC) service (TMC subscription after 12-month trial)

Micro-USB Traffic Receiver Features :

  • TomTom USB RDS-Traffic Message Channel (TMC) Traffic Receiver
  • Real-time Traffic Updates including Traffic Jams, Emergency Situations, Accidents and Construction
  • One Year of Free Traffic Data included

  • Receives Traffic Data over the FM Airwaves
  • Easy Installation,Plug-In and Go