Raymarine 12kW Magnum with 4 Feet Array
Brand New
Includes Two Year Warranty
The Raymarine T70412 12kW Magnum features open array radar scanner delivering unmatched performance and ease-of-use. The Superior Bird Mode brings radar users the power of targeting the flocks of birds with clarity upto 10 nm distance that helps the anglers to locate the baitfish with ease and lesser fuel consumptions. With the advanced MARPA technology the radar is capable of acquiring and targeting targets with detailed target seperation. When connnected to Axiom and Lighthouse 3 one can experience real time heading updates when changing the course without the need of refreshing the display. The True Trails is a safety feature that lets the anglers to detect the historical "wake" behind every moving contact for easy passage of the vessel.

The T70412 open array radar scanner combines Raymarine? s 4' open array antenna with a powerful 12kW antenna pedestal with a maximum range of 96 nautical miles. The system also includes a 15-meter digital pedestal cable, mounting hardware, mounting template and instructions.

T70412 12kW Magnum Features:

12kW 4' Open Array Radar
Superior Bird Mode
- Target Flocks of Birds to Locate Baitfish
Enhanced Radar Imaging
Best in CLass Traget Tracking
- With MARPA Technology
Real Time Heading Updates
- When Connected to Axiom & Lighthouse 3
True Trails
12 or 24 Volt DC Operation
Thin Interconnect Cable