The Quantum Qflash T5d-R portable digital flash gives you beautiful, studio-quality lighting that's ideal for digital and film photography. The T5d-R is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, and features a flash heads that swivels and bounces and then locks into position with one-button control. When used with the Quantum FreeXwire, the Qflash T5d-R supports wireless control of all dedicated camera-flash functions, including Manual, TTL, Auto, Auto-fill and TTL-Ratio up to 500 feet away. The Qflash 5d-R blends seamlessly with Canon, Nikon and other professional digital camera systems, using Quantum's proprietary QTTL adapters. In some cases, it even provides capabilities a camera system may not support, such as wireless remote fill-flash. FEATURES: Full dedication - Connect a Qflash 5d-R to a camera using a Dw series QTTL Adapter and make Qflash a powerful, fully dedicated flash that mimics the features of camera manufacturers' flashes. Wireless TTL with Fill-flash - When teamed with a FreeXWire system, Qflash receives your camera's TTL exposure commands wirelessly. Wireless fill-flash offsets are set on the D and Dw series QTTL adapters, or on the camera. Wireless Linked Auto with Qflash - Ratios Set up an on-camera Qflash and one or two remote Qflashes with FreeXWires. Control the ratios of the remote Qflashes wirelessly from the panel of the on-camera Qflash. All Qflashes track the f/stop of the camera as you change it.150ws flash power 25 precision 1/3 stop Auto settings 19 precision 1/3 stop Manual settings Automatic and Autofill, over/under exposure values are shown in 1/3 stop increments Studio quality parabolic reflectorWireless Control in Nikon/Canon systems with Qnexus Wireless multiple ratio TTL- with Dw-R Adapters & FreeXWire Wireless preflash TTL with digital cameras-using Dw/ Dw-R Adapters and FreeXWire Wireless remote Auto / Auto Fill mode Zone control of FW7Q from panel of Qflash Flash ready indication in camera viewfinder Shutter speed control (camera detects flash and sets shutter)Rear Curtain Sync Auto focus assist Auto Fill ratio