The PA-2A provides loud ringing and paging to electronic key systems- 1A2 Key systems- PABX's as well as No-KSU phones and multiline phones. Paging is accomplished by connecting the PA-2A to a paging port or unused telephone line input (trunk port) of nearly any phone system.The PA-2A will also generate adjustable loud ringing from up to 6 analog lines or from a dry contact clo-sure. Either a loud electronic warble- or one of three other soft chime sounds may be selected. An external -night transfer- switch can be added to turn loud ringing on or off in night bell applications.The PA-2A is easy to install and eliminates the installation of multiple bells- relays and paging cards. The unit comes complete with a power supply- amplifier and (1) paging horn..Applications:Amplified loud Paging.Night bell.Loud ringing.Features:Two watts of paging power.All lines are optically coupled for use with fax switches and analog PABX/KSU stations.Can provide background music from an external source.Paging from an unused trunk port or paging port.Four loud ringing sounds:Electronic warble.Double gong.Quadruple chime.Door chime (ding-dong).Provides loud ringing or night bell- from 1-6 lines for warehouses- yards- etc.Output for controlling a 12 volt relay from 1-6 ringing lines.Page alert tone.600 ohm output for sourcing high powered amplifiers.Made in the USA.Specifications:Power: 120V AC/13.8V AC 1.25A- UL listed adapter provided.Dimensions: 133mm x 89mm x 44mm (5.25- x 3.5- x 1.75-).Environmental: 0°C to 32°C (32°F to 90°F) with 5% to 95% noncondensing humidity.Paging Output: 2 watts - powers up to (3) 8 ohm or (16) 45 ohm speakers.Sound Pressure: 110 dB @ 1 meter (warble).Speakers: (1) 25AE 8 ohm paging horn included- (3) maximum.Maximum Speaker Run: 91m (300 ft) maximum 18 AWG.Talk Battery: 24V DC.Connections: (2) RJ25 jacks- (1) 10 position screw terminal block.