The new GE Energy Smart A19 is now available in 13 Watt for true 60 watt equivalent performance. It features true omni-directional performance so light goes in all directions. Lightweight, and attractive, yet only consuming 13 watts, the new GE Energy Smart A19 allows you to replace a traditional 60 Watt A19 bulb.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to LED lighting, think carefully about who’s making your lamps. Built into every GE energy smart LED replacement lamp are over 125 years of experience, reliability, and innovation in lighting. Every performance claim is supported by stringent, comprehensive testing—ensuring that your lighting investment pays off both today and in the future.

GE energy smart LED replacement lamps offer bright, long-lasting, energy-efficient light and deliver significant energy and labor savings compared to traditional incandescent technologies. These savings begin the moment you swap out an inefficient lamp. GE offers an entire line of innovative GE energy smart LED replacement lamps to meet your lighting needs.