This item includes 1 92295A/ 95A black laser toner cartridge. Our remanufactured ink cartridges are not remanufactured by HP. This item works in the following Brother HL, Canon FAX, LBP, HP LaserJet, Konica-Minolta, Gestetner, NEC, OCE,Savin, TallGenicom, Panasonic, and Pitney Bowes Printers: 10DPS, 10DV, 10H, 10PS, 10V, 8, 8AP, 8D, 8E, 8PS, 8V, Canon L3100, L4600, L4600E, L920, 200V, 8 II, 8 II R, 8 II T, 8 III, 8 III Plus, 8 III R, LBP-8 III T, 8SX, RX, SX, TX, LaserJet II, IId, III, IIId, Konica-Minolta Kiss Plus, LaserGrafix 810, 820, PS 810, 810 Turbo, 815, 815 MR, 820, 820 Turbo, 825, 825 MR, 2308/S Turbo ImageServer XP, 3308/S, Gestetner GLD 801, 800, 801, 800, LX 800, 6025, 6127, 630, & TallyGenicom 6000, 6140, 6142, 6145, 7610, AceWriter, F5000, Pitney Bowes 9200, 9250, 9400, Applied Comp Science ACS LJIID 8PPM, Birmy Graphics Pal 8PPM, Birmy Graphics Pal Plus 8PPM, Wang LDP-8 8PPM, WANG LDP-8 III 8 PPM, WANG LDP-8 III-D 8PPM, WANG LDP-8-DSK-T 8PPM, Tandem 5573-LX 8PPM, Tandem 5573-D 8PPM, Tandem 5574 8PPM, Tandem 5574-PC 8PPM, Tandem Laser-LX 8PPM, North Atlantic Kiss Plus T 8PPM, North Atlantic Laser IID-T 8PPM, North Atlantic Laserjet II T 8PPM, North Atlantic PS 810 Tempest 8PPM, Electronic Forms Sys 2EX 8PPM, Electronic Forms Sys 2EXD 8PPM, Eicon Laser 400 Verison 2 8PPM, Eicon Laser 400 Verison 1 8PPM, Eicon Laser 400 8PPM, Digital Laser Sys Plus 141 8PPM, Blaser II 8PPM, Business Sys. Intl Lasersoft Print II 8PPM, Computer Language Res Formwriter 2EX 8PPM, Computer Language Res Formwriter 2EXD 8PPM, Computer Language Res Formwriter 2MX 8PPM, Chelgraph Prod Proofing Printer 8PPM, DEC LN 05 8PPM, Data General 6454 8PPM, Alps LSX 1000 10PPM, CPT LP-8 8PPM, Comterm Laser II 8 PPM, Compugraphic CG408 8PPM. Please note, this item will only work with printers purchased within the United States and Canada. We are the exclusive reseller of LD Products brand of high quality printing supplies on Newegg.