This LD remanufactured C8772WN (HP 02) magenta inkjet cartridge is an original Hewlett Packard C8772WN ink cartridge which has been through one cycle of service and has been recharged. This professionally remanufactured LD cartridge for HP 02 has a smart chip that makes continuous adjustments to optimize print quality and enhance reliability and cost effectiveness as well as monitor ink levels. The ink delivery system allows for efficient, economical replacement of individual ink cartridges. Why buy an original HP C8772WN cartridge when you can get perfect quality out of our LD remanufactured C8772WN inkjet cartridge at a fraction of the cost? Our remanufactured ink cartridges are not remanufactured by HP. We offer a Two-Year 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee on our remanufactured C8772WN ink cartridges. For use in the following HP Photosmart printers: D7168, 3210, 8250, C6150, D7360, C8180, D7260, C7180, C7280, C6250, D7460, C6100, D7160, 3310, C8150, C5150, C5140, C7283, 3110, 3210xi, C6188, C6183, C7288, C7250, C6280, C6240, D7345, D6160, D7268, C6180, C5180, 3210v, 3310xi, C8183, C6175, C5190, C5188, C5183, C5175, C7275, D7145, D7355, D7155, D7263, D7255, D7245, C6200, C6288, C6286, C6285, C6283, C6275, C6270, C7200, C6185, C5100, C5185. We are the exclusive reseller of LD Products brand of high quality printing supplies on Newegg.