Save even more with our set of 2 HP 75XL CB338WN color inkjet cartridges. These LD remanufactured ink cartridges have been thoroughly cleaned along with the printhead nozzles. Following the cleaning process, we refilled the cartridge with a professionally manufactured pigment-based ink formula for archival print life and color stability. This ink formula is specially designed to produce vibrant and long-lasting prints comparable to HP. After carefully inspecting the shell for leakage and monitoring the electrical circuitry for efficiency, we put the cartridge through a final print test to be certain it is worth of our 100% money-back guarantee. Our remanufactured ink cartridges are not remanufactured by HP. So Stock up now and save even more! For use in the following printers: OfficeJet J5783, PhotoSmart C4343, Deskjet D4360, PhotoSmart C5280, OfficeJet J5790, OfficeJet J5725, PhotoSmart C5288, PhotoSmart C5275, PhotoSmart C4383, PhotoSmart C4342, OfficeJet J6424, PhotoSmart C5580, PhotoSmart C4440, PhotoSmart C4280, OfficeJet J5780, OfficeJet J5738, PhotoSmart C4588, PhotoSmart C4575, PhotoSmart C4348, PhotoSmart C4344, OfficeJet J5735, PhotoSmart C4450, Deskjet D4260, PhotoSmart C4250, Deskjet D4280, PhotoSmart C4210, OfficeJet J5750, PhotoSmart C4400, PhotoSmart C5550, PhotoSmart C4599, PhotoSmart C4483, OfficeJet J5730, PhotoSmart C5240, PhotoSmart C4380, PhotoSmart C5250, PhotoSmart C52801, PhotoSmart C4435, PhotoSmart C5540, PhotoSmart C4485, PhotoSmart C4472, Deskjet D4363, PhotoSmart C4480, PhotoSmart C4288, PhotoSmart C4270, OfficeJet J6480, OfficeJet J6413, OfficeJet J6410, OfficeJet J5740, PhotoSmart C4240, PhotoSmart D5360, PhotoSmart C5283, PhotoSmart C4550. We are the exclusive reseller of LD Products brand of high quality printing supplies on Newegg.