LD refill kit for HP 95 color cartridges (for 2 refills of each color.One 20 ml bottle each of cyan, magenta and yellow inkA manual, a screw tool, injection needle x 3, a pair of plastic gloves are included.LD inkjet cartridge refill kits allow you to refill your existing empty ink cartridge. Why buy a new or remanufactured ink cartridge when you can refill the cartridge you have for much less money? Each kit includes the ink, tools and instructions to refill your empty inkjet cartridge and get printing again quickly. It is always a good idea to refill cartridges that have just ran out of ink. You also shouldnt try to keep printing on an empty cartridge as it will burn out of the printheads on your ink cartridge. All inkjet cartridge print quality will eventually fade but by keeping your cartridge full of ink and printing regularly you should be able to get a few cycles with one cartridge before buying a new or remanufactured ink cartridge. LD © Cartridges are manufactured in an internationally certified ISO 9002 factory. LD © cartridges come with a 100% Two Year money back guarantee and technical support. For use in the following printers: OfficeJet 6210, H470, 100, 7410, 6310v All-In-One, 6310xi All-In-One, 6210xi, 6200, 7310xi, 150 Mobile All-in-One, 6215, 7210v, H470b, 7210xi, 7310 PSC 2355, 1610xi, 2355v, 2350, 2355xi, 1610v, 1610 Deskjet 6540, 6840, 6520, DeskJet 460wf, 6620, DeskJet 460, 9800, DeskJet 460cb, DeskJet 460c, 9800d, 6540xi, DeskJet 5745, 6620xi, DeskJet 5743, 5748, 6830, 5740xi, 6520xi, 6840dt, 6540dt, 5940, 5740 PhotoSmart 8150, 325, 8450, 7850, 8750, C4150, 2570, 320, 2610v, C4183, 2710xi, B8330, 2610xi, 370 Series, D5160, 325v, 428, 8049, 335xi, 420, 375v, 385v, B8300 Series, 2613, 8450xi, 2608, D5065, C4188, 475v, 2575v, 8150xi, D5155, 325xi, 475, D5069, 2575xi, C4140, B8338, D5060, 428xi, C4100 Series, 475xi, C4110, 8050, 335v, D5100 Series, 2575, 385xi, 335, 330 Series, B8353, 2710, D5145, 425 DesignJet Designjet 5940xi, 5940