AIRFLOW: 120mm High speed 12 volt dc fans with full speed 2500rpm around 97.6 CFM provides powerful air to cool down device, designed for very strong airflow diy projects needed or industrial equipment cooling. The high airflow fan noise level is around 35.2 dB. measured at 25cm from the blades" "DUAL
BALLBEARING: Dual ball bearing with higher heat resistance, provide 50, 000 hours working time.
""4PINCONNECTOR: 120mm 12v fans with 4P male & female connector can be daisy chained, connected in series, help reducing the problems such as messy connections inside the case and insufficient interface.
"Packageinclude: 120mm Case fan, mounting screws UL standard
IEC62368-1: Safety is our top priority. AAAwave fan has been both tested and certified to specific UL standard UL 62368- 1:2014 information, and communication technology equipment
Part1: Safety requirements which mean our fan met the latest safety standard