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Corsair Voyager Air 1TB External Hard Drive CMFAIR-BLK-1000-NA Black

Item #: 9SIA4PP2R51013  |  Mfr. Part #: CMFAIR-BLK-1000-NA
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Action Packaged, Inc. 4 out of 5 stars

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    Top Favorable Review

    Swiss Army Knife of Portable Drives

    * 3 Year Warranty * Multi Purpose unit. From USB, Lan Network, to Wi-Fi this unit can be utilizied by a vast majority of modern devices. (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/etc). Can also be configured as a NAS (Network Automated Storage) but only through ... Read more
    — Anonymous 5/13/2013

    Top Critical Review

    Epic fail of a product

    See below. Read more
    — Michael M. 5/10/2015

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    • Michael M.
    • Verified Owner

    1 out of 5 eggs Epic fail of a product

    Pros: hmm...

    Cons: See below.

    Bottom Line: From day one I regretted purchasing the voyager air drive. The wifi was finicky and slow, it sounds good on paper but in use is kind of a hassle to use on a PC, also their android app leaves much to be desired. I held onto the drive figuring I could just get by using usb 3.0, however half the time the computer doesn't even detect the drive when plugged in(happens on multiple systems), seems the jack on the back of the drive is super flimsy so if you barely bump it then it loses usb connectivity.

    By far the worst thing about this drive are the (power & wifi) switches on front. On countless occasions the power switch has been flipped on while in my backpack leading to a dead/unusable drive when I go to grab it. And here's the kicker, the drive is powered/charged by usb however it does not get enough power to keep the drive running if it's low on juice. You must first let the drive charge (slowly) for a bit before you can use it, and hope you can get whatever you need copied before it dies. Sad.

    I used to be a huge Corsair fan but no more after this. Avoid this thing or you'll be sorry.

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    • Carolyn C.
    • Verified Owner

    4 out of 5 eggs YES!

    Pros: Works with Linux! Write speed for me is decent, I can transfer 2 gig of data in no time. Setup wasn't over complicated. I have not had one issue with the wifi not being able to be picked up when the voyager air was 3 rooms away. For me this was pretty awesome.

    Cons: The on off switches seem cheap, like they will not hold up for any length of time. Cheap like plastic that is loose. they work, but they are flimsy.

    You can create folders, but as others have said, you can not create passwords for certain folders or permissions.

    I have tried several 3rd party apps that create playlist for music, none that I tried worked. The default app does play the entire folder of music when you select a song within. I guess one could create a folder of their playlist.

    When uploading from my phone, it wouldn't allow me to only select certain files. It proceeded to upload the entire folder. I did manage to mount my phone and the voyager air to my computer and manually select files to upload. I guess if out and about, I could create a folder for the dedicated files I wanted to upload.

    Bottom Line: Overall I rate it 4 stars, it isn't perfect, but it is a great product. I would order it again.

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    • Richard W.

    4 out of 5 eggs Could be better...

    Pros: Nice and mobile does what it's suppose to do.

    Cons: App could be better, edit lockout just removes the edition button from the app. Other apps are still able to rewrite.
    Ethernet is slow as other reviews say, but I don't understand why you would buy this for the Ethernet port.

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    • Curtis C.
    • Verified Owner

    4 out of 5 eggs Personal cloud storage in your hand!

    Pros: Best used for use with a tablet or smart phone that has very limited internal storage space. Almost like adding 1TB of storage to your portable device that does not have a USB port. You can connect to this puppy with just about any technology short of a rope. USB3, gigabit Ethernet, wireless b g or N. Wow. They made this for maximum portability. Good battery life between charges. Obviously, your tablet or phone must have wifi connectivity...daa. Most do.

    Cons: Like others may have said, the switches to control power and wifi functions are terrible. Loose slider switches that just don't feel right. You slide the power switch to the right to turn on and the wifi switch to the left to turn it on. Hmm. The LED lights do show if external power is being supplied and a general charge status indication. There is a wifi light too. There is no disk activity light, or if the HDD is running or not. It's slow to boot up and takes the good part of a full minute to get wifi off the ground. Keep it close to your device that is attached to it via wireless. Due to tiny antennas in it and your tablet, you can loose wifi over 15 feet or so. I did. Firmware is terrible. It tries to force you to play your media with it's own built-in player. LOL. Joke. Very limited codec support. It won't stream much, and will not play some files without a full download to your device. Very poor file support.

    Bottom Line: If your playing music files, like mp3's, it works great, but the drive is always up, draining battery quickly. I suggest you keep some storage space available on your device, and using a good 3rd party app, copy selections of music and especially large videos and movies to it. Shut off the Voyager Air and enjoy. Rinse and repeat for fresh selections.

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    • William K.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    4 out of 5 eggs Awesome features, but slow and expensive

    Pros: Connectivity: 5/5

    This is where the Voyager Air really shines. USB 3.0 is standard for portable hard drives. With the addition of not only a LAN interface, but also WIFI (b/g/n), this drive is extremely flexible and easy to connect with. More on the WIFI connectivity later. One of the main selling points of this drive is the portability, including the option to connect mobile devices. You can download either the Android or the iOS app called Voyager Air in their respective marketplaces. Connect your mobile device to the VoyagerAir’s WIFI network, and the app will immediately show the drive’s folders. You can stream video or music to the in app player, or download the files to the device. Music streaming works well enough, but video playback will have mixed results based on various formats and codecs. You may need to download to the device and using a dedicated video app to play them back. Overall, the fact that this drive offers these features at all is pretty cool.

    Portability: 5/5

    You can run on WIFI and battery power, with no wires. Spectacular. Not only that, but the battery life is quite high, I've seen 6-7 hours with light use and 4-5 with heavy use.

    Finish: 5/5

    Much of the drive is wrapped in a thin, rubbery coat. The base has four rubbery pads. The switches on the front for the power and WIFI are symmetrical and have a nice click to them when switched to off/on positions. The LED indicators for power, battery life, charging, and WIFI are all highly visible and look great. This is drive looks slick. The drive also comes with a USB 3.0 cable, a power cable that connects to USB or a wall outlet, and a nice drive sleeve to keep the drive scuff-free in transit.

    Cons: Performance: 2/5

    This drive is slow, even as far as 2.5” HDDs go. Read speeds were around 45MB/s over Gigabit LAN and write speeds topped out at 18MB/s. In comparison, I’ll get 100MB/s read & write on my Synology NAS. This works well enough for streaming videos or music, but moving large files will be a bear. Given the price, I’d hope for this drive to not be so slow. My guess is that speed and performance were sacrificed for rather exceptional battery life. These speeds don’t change whether the drive is plugged in or running off the battery though.

    Value: 1/5

    This set of features is still really new on a portable drive, but the price is still too high especially given the slow performance. I could see paying double the price for a 1TB portable, but the premium is more like triple. The price seems to keep dropping, at least.

    Bottom Line: How the WIFI works

    The drive has a dedicated switch on the front to toggle the WIFI. Connecting to VoyagerAir will leave you without an Internet connection, initially. Connecting to the LAN port does not remedy this, the drive will not act as an access point. It does, however, work as a passthrough. Visiting any web address will bring you to an admin interface (default address is There you can configure “Passthru,” where you can join the drive to another WIFI network. This will restore Internet access to any connected devices. You can also set a password which will enable WPA2 encryption, or change the drive name, which corresponds to the WIFI network name.

    Using Passthru will not be as fast as connecting directly to your normal WIFI network. Some basic testing yielded a drop from 25 Mb/s download to 14 Mb/s. Upload speeds dipped only slightly, from 4.5 to 4.4 Mb/s. This is by no means unusable, and a reasonable sacrifice for the WIFI connectivity.

    I’m really pleased to see the portable hard drive learn some new tricks. I can live w/ the subpar performance, given the highly flexible connectivity options and a very good battery life of several hours. The price needs to come down some more. Ultimately, it boils down to whether you’d take advantage of the portability.

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    • Anonymous
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    5 out of 5 eggs Swiss Army Knife of Portable Drives

    Pros: * 3 Year Warranty

    * Multi Purpose unit. From USB, Lan Network, to Wi-Fi this unit can be utilizied by a vast majority of modern devices. (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/etc). Can also be configured as a NAS (Network Automated Storage) but only through being plugged in ethernet LAN.

    * Unit has rechargeable lithium-ion battery which gets around 7 hours per charge Making is great for people who are on the go.
    On my first charge I got 6 hours 15 minutes of streaming, on the second charge I got 6 hours 47 minutes of conitunous streaming.

    * Largest Capacity currently offered by the Voyager Air product line.

    * Comes with good amount of accessories (car charger, wall mount AC charger, Usb Cables) right out of the box to support someone on the go.

    * Up to 5 Devices can connect and stream video off the unit at once, and experience smooth playback of high definition encoded video.

    * USB3.0 Support allows for fast copying of files from devices, enabling users to copy a 2 hour HD movie in under 30 seconds.
    Of course over USB 2.0 copy speeds will be much slower.

    * The Corsair Voyager Air App allows for fast and easy access to drive options. Drive Name, Passwords, PassThru, Battery Power % Left, etc.

    * Drives Wiresless range is pretty good roughly 90 Feet.

    Cons: * Micro USB Plug, this is just a preference. But I have never had a full size USB plug break. Where friends have broken Micro USB plugs both on the plug and the devices that use micro USB such as Smartphone. For a drive that has so much to offer in overall functiuonality I wish that Corsair had just put a full size USB in the back.

    * When USB is plugged in Wi-Fi is turned off.

    * Streaming on iOS Devices can be a pain. But the files can be copied from the drive to the iOS device quickly .

    * The AC Power Plug can have adapters that can easily be changed to use UK and European power plugs. But in the North American model these attachments are left out. For people who do business, or vacation overseas these plugs could be useful and a great selling point if included out of the box. These plugs can be bought through the Corsair website, but all the cables including the ones that came with the drive are included in the power accessory Kit so if you buy it you can end up with double cables that you might not need.

    Bottom Line: After having this drive and using it heavily for almost 2 weeks I can say this drive is now one of my new favorite toys.

    This drive is truly meant to help compliment our modern lifestyle devices. These devices like smartphones and tablets although are wonderful do lack storage size typically found on a full size PC. For example that movie collection you have be hard pressed to fit it all on a iPad, Nook, Nexus 7, or PC/Notebook using a Solid State Drive as its only storage device. Thats where this drive shines.

    For the first day the drive was filed, then tested for bad sectors/clusters. None were found, and then the fun began.

    This drive comes preformated with Microsoft Windows NTFS file system. It supports reformatting to Mac HFS+ for those who need Time Machine compatibility. After format free space on NTFS was 931.322GB.

    Tested the drive First over USB 3.0. The drives packaging says 120MB/sec Read 119mb/s Write.
    I showed 116/MB sec Read and 113/MB sec write on my office PC, and on my gaming PC I saw 118 read 117 Writes. So the specs of the drive are accurate.

    Next Came Testing The Drive as A Wireless Hub. The drives WiFi broadcasts 802.11 b/g/n @2.4 GHz. The drive's Wifi Shows up as "VoyagerAir". It comes by default with no password, but using the Voyager Air App from an Android or iOS let you change this easily.

    The wireless range was suprisingly good, achieving streaming up to 90 feet. This distance is plenty if this drive is brought on a car, bus, RV, Hotel room, work office, etc.

    Streaming off the drive I would recommend that people try organize thier data in Folders for easier access. I did it by organizing my media by file types. Mp3, Avi's, MKV, Pictures, Documents, etc.

    Playback from Notebooks (Windows 7/8 & MacbookAir)was easy.

    Playback from Xbox 360 and PS3 was also easy.
    * Drive was plugged into LAN for game consoles *

    Playback from Android devices was also easy.

    Playback from iOS devices was a pain because of the file formats that iOS supports, apps like AVPlayer were needed to support avi's/Mkv's. Sometimes it was easier to Copy a file to an iOS evice is easy hit the hard drive Icon in the APP and tell it where on the iphone to put it. Streaming in general on iOS was a pain, because of the need to find good quality movie playback apps. Most of the free apps left alot to be desired. Not the drive's Fault, seeing how other device platforms did not have these problems.

    The App can enable Passthru. This lets the drive connect to a wireless network, which allows the devices that are connected to the Voyager Air to then have internet access without having to change wireless networks from the Voyager Air to a different wireless network while on the go. This feature is great and a must have if you are used to using wiresless networks to keep Data usage down on cell/3G+4G plans where unlimited is not an option

    Overall I enjoyed this drive alot. Dump media to it, Unplug it and playback anywhere

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    • Michael U.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    3 out of 5 eggs No Windows software

    Pros: USB 3.0 read speed is about 90 MB/s. Write speed copying a full disk was about the same as for SATA disks the same size.

    Wired Ethernet connectivity was easy to set up.

    Cons: Software to set passwords for wireless connectivity or update firmware is only available for Android, iPhone, etc., not for Windows PCs, as far as I was able to determine.

    Two PCs showed were able to establish a partial wireless connection, but I was only able to connect fully and map network drives once for a few minutes. Corsair tech support recommended exchanging the Voyager Air, but I don't need the wireless connection, so I didn't find out if a replacement drive would have been able to connect wirelessly without issues.

    Tech support is only available during business hours on business days. There is a user forum, but the Voyager Air shares it with Corsair USB thumb drives, so finding threads related to issues related to Voyager Air's software and wireless connectivity was difficult.

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    • chris s.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    5 out of 5 eggs Slick mobile solution

    Pros: This drive will be a brilliant solution to anyone who is looking for one or more of the following:
    Mobile media backup or file dump
    All your media on the go
    Simple addition of 1TB of storage for home, school, or work

    For extreme mobile users, this drive is a perfect solution. You can quickly and easily offload your photos or videos from your mobile device to free up space using the wifi and extended mobility of the HDD being self powered. The interface is very simple and the multi-select is very easy apply to deleting, moving, and copying files from one source to another.

    The size of the 1Tb drive will let you have access to essentially all your music and DVD rips with you on the road (perfect for sales or marketing types) on your tablet or macbook air without having to break out your bulky large capacity laptop.

    If you are just looking for a quick and easy solution to add 1Tb of storage, backup, or file server functionality to your home, office, or other private network this is an excellent solution.

    The advertised 90ft of Wifi range is comparable to my own Belkin Wifi N router and is more than adequate. The packaging is very tidy and the unit itself feels very solid. As others have mentioned the included pouch will hold all of the included cables. The included instructions were simple and yet effective in steering me through each of the features and I also appreciate the 3 year Corsair guarantee.

    I charged the battery to full with the included power adapter and then streamed a mpg video on my tablet over wifi until the battery died and found that the battery lasted for ~5 hours (close to the advertised 7 hours).

    The device was recognized immediately and was able to me mapped as a network drive. File transfer speed over USB3 is as advertised at ~100 MB/s write and 130MB/s read. Access speeds over wifi and gigabit LAN were as expected. As described previously the the Android app was simple and yet effective, offering the ability to change security information and get battery status. Connecting with the Passthru feature lets you access both the Voyager Air drive and an Internet Wifi network simultaneously.

    Cons: A couple of feaures were a bit strange though:
    The "play with" command attempts to use your devices default media player, but often will just add a track to a already existing playlist.

    Due to limitations of USB, the device cannot charge off of a standard 0.5AMP USB connection and requires 2AMPs from the power adapter.

    As mentioned by other users, the included USB cable is just 2ft long and would restrict accessibility for desktop users but is more practical for mobility.

    Bottom Line: Overall this driver offers exceptional value, usability and quality. Considering the mobile app quality, storage size and speed, USB3 ethernet and Wifi connectivity, and self powered packaging the Voyager Air is easy to recommend.

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    • Mark E.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    4 out of 5 eggs Honest review from an EggXpert

    Pros: Where to begin? This item is a great way to easily and quickly expand your storage capacity of portable media devices (Tablets,notebooks, & smartphones.) And you can even take all your data with you on the go.

    This opens up the possibilities as you can set up a personal NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with you effortlessly by either using the drive standalone via the apps for Android and iOS or you can connect with through Ethernet straight to your router for all on your network to share and enjoy.

    - It's quiet.
    - Runs cool.
    - Works as expected.
    - Is Rechargeable (and has good battery life.)
    - Seems well constructed.
    - Has great range over WiFi (~50 feet before lag ensues.)
    - Fairly priced for what you get.

    Cons: Now for the cons...

    Battery life could still be improved as it clocks in somewhere around 6Hrs on a full charge. This is bad if you plan to stream movies from the device on a long flight. However it is pretty decent considering the form factor of the drive.

    Although quiet, and barely audible it is still a mechanical drive so expect to hear some faint seeking clicks as the drive pulls your data. *Depending on your proximity to the drive.*

    The drive could be smaller and easier to carry. It is a bit bulky and may not be the best for road warriors or minimalists.

    Bottom Line: All in all, this is a solid product worth your time and is a nice alternative to the other network portable drives out there. As a long time user of Corsair products, this is another solid addition to the great electronics they continue to put out, and I'm sure the next version will be even better.

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    • Sidney M.
    • Verified Owner
    • Egg Expert

    2 out of 5 eggs Disappointing

    Pros: Beautiful packaging. Nice assortment of accessories, which include: Accessory Pouch, DC Cable, USB 3.0 Cable, Car Adapter, Wall Adapter.
    It works great as an external drive.

    Cons: I am using the Voyager Air with my desktop PC. I had several problems with it:

    1. The USB 3.0 cable is too short. It is not long enough to fit from my pc to my desk.

    2. As stated by others, the switches are very flimsy.

    3. I was unable to firmly attach an Ethernet cable to the Gigabit Ethernet port on the back because the cable would not "click" in place. I tried several cables. I taped the cable firmly in place with electrical tape.

    4. I could either connect to the Internet (via Comcast), or the networked Voyager Air, but not both at the same time. It was an either/or situation. When I did connect to the Voyager Air, Windows reported that it was a weak connection even though my wireless router is 3 feet away from the Voyager Air.

    Bottom Line: My PC consists of:

    Motherboard: Asus P9X79 PRO
    CPU: Intel Core i7, 3.6GB, Sandy Bridge
    OS: Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit
    Memory: 32MB
    Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti
    Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Z
    Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster

    Wireless Router: Asus RT-AC66U
    Ethernet Adapter: Asus USB-AC53

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