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TG-30 high conductivity thermal compound, from Thermaltake

The specially formulated compound delivers excellent thermal conductivity to efficiently transfer heat from the processor's IHS to the CPU cooler, helping your system always operate at peak performance. The grease comes in a syringe for easy application, and a stencil and a scraper allow you to easily apply a thin, even layer of the grease with nearly whole coverage, without getting your fingers soiled. Plus, the TG-30 compound is non-electrical conductive, and won't dry or crack over long time. A great choice for new build or your existing system of years old.

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High Thermal Conductivity

The thermal compound contains diamond powder, which would provide a thermal conductivity of 4.5 W/m-k that could fulfill the user’s primary needs.

Easy to Apply

Thermaltake’s specially formulated thermal compound fits perfectly with the honeycomb stencil, which provides an easier way to apply your thermal compound for a neat and well-covered surface that fits all CPUs.

* The viscosity number of TG series is the optimized number based on the testing result from Thermaltake.

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All-In-One Application Kit

This thermal compound application kit includes a set of easily-applied tools for immediate use.

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Sustainability and Safety

The high-quality thermal compound provides a longer lifespan of eliminating dry-out or cracking while in use. Non-electrical conductive compound ensures better safety measures for you and your system.