• Burn Blu-ray, DVD and CD disks quickly and easily with this exceptional Kanguru 16x BD-RE USB3 Blu-ray Burner. Store up to 25GB of data on a single-layer Blu-ray disc and over 100GB on high capacity Blu-ray media. The Kanguru external USB3 16x BD-RE external Blu-ray drive gives you the latest in high-definition technology enabling playback of crystal clear Blu-ray movies. The Kanguru BD-RE also supports DVD/CD burning and playback for an "all-in-one" external Blu-ray optical disk burning device.

    The Kanguru 16x BD-RE utilizes SuperSpeed USB3 connectivity, providing maximum recording speed and plug-and-play ability on virtually any system! Discs are created using "BURN Proof" technology to ensure fast, accurate burns.

    Simply plug the drive into an available USB port for instant access to a 16x BD-RE drive.

    Important! Due to copyright protection features, certain requirements must be met in order to playback BD and HD DVD movies on a computer. When using digital video connections, both your monitor and graphics card must support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). Please refer to your monitor or graphic card manufacturers web site to see if your hardware supports HDCP.

    Mac Users: Please refer to your Macs user manual to determine Blu-ray movie playback capability.