• The EDS3000PS is a compact office grade plastic enclosed hybrid Ethernet terminal/multi serial port device servers (8-16) for easy remote access and management of virtually any IT/networking equipment or edge devices like medical equipment, POS terminals, or security equipment.

    Comprehensive Device Security Framework
    EDS3000PS device server delivers an unprecedented level of intelligence and safety with SSL/ TLS, AES, and SSH built-in. EDS provides enterprise-level security, allowing safe remote access and management from practically anywhere.

    Lantronix core software carries 30 years of data-center grade protection, so each networked device has the same level of security as corporate data center equipment and provides robust defenses to hostile Internet attacks.

    Easy Configuration
    Setup is a breeze with Windows-based Lantronix Provisioning Manager, which can be used locally or remotely with the Lantronix ConsoleFlow™ device management platform. A "Cisco-like" command-line interface (CLI) simplifies configuration and control, making it easier to integrate edge devices or data center equipment into the network. EDS3000PS leverages the Lantronix Com Port Redirector virtualization software, allowing existing applications to work with the EDS with no code modifications.

    Centralized Device Management Platform
    Monitor, manage, and control your devices from anywhere, at any time with the ready-touse software platform web application. The easy-to-use platform provides software-defined automation with zero-touch provisioning across all of your devices and the capture of device telemetry data for event management and analytics.