JABSCO FLUSH MOUNT CHROME WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR 45PSI 44411-2045JABSCO WATER PRESSURE REGULATORFLUSH MOUNT MODEL 44411-SERIESDesigned for day and night protection of the entire plumbing system fromunregulated city water system hook-ups. Whether connected to a dock-sidemain or a campground faucet, the new Jabsco Regulator will maintain regulatedoutput at low or high flow rates. The removable strainer protectsvalves and seal-seats from pipe scale and other debris. FEATURESReduces unregulated city water pressures that can runas high as 125 psi down to a safe 45 psi - automaticallyFeatures built-in backflow preventer. Federal and Staterequired on RV's with water service hookupFlush mounts permanently in vessel super structureEasily replaces most original city water entriesAutomatic pressure regulationBuilt-in backflow preventerEasy cleaning strainerDust cap