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Always have available outlets in your rack enclosure with Tripp Lite's RS-1215-20 rackmount power strip. The RS-1215-20 provides 12 (6 front and 6 rear) standard NEMA 5-15 outlets in a rugged, all-metal 1U housing guaranteed to last for life. The included mounting hardware allows for 1U or 0U (vertical) rackmount, wall-mount, under-counter and other installations, making the RS-1215-20 ideal for a variety of uses including back office, network cabinet, and network closet applications. With the extra length provided by the 15-ft. power cord, you don't have to install the RS-1215-20 next to outlets you already have; it can be mounted in any rack position or across the room and deliver reliable service where you need it most. A lighted and covered On/Off switch helps prevent accidental shut offs, while a 20-amp circuit breaker guards against dangerous circuit overloads before they happen. Additionally, every Tripp Lite power strip comes with a Lifetime Warranty for guaranteed peace of mind.

RS-1215-20 Applications

RS-1215-20 Feature Focus
Premium Safety Features

The Versatile Solution for Commercial Applications

With rackmount, wall-mount, under-counter and other creative installation options, a rugged housing and plenty of outlets, Tripp Lite's RS-1215-20 is ideal for back office, network cabinet and network closet applications. It provides reliable, unfiltered, alternate waveform electrical pass through, making it ideal for power distribution from a UPS or generator to supported equipment. Tripp Lite's 1U power outlet strips can also be used in server rooms and large-scale data centers in standard 19-inch racks or with 0U (vertical) mounting. The included hardware allows the RS-1215-20 to be installed wherever reliable, multi-outlet power distribution is required.

12 Convenient Outlets Power All Equipment

Featuring 12 outlets compatible with all standard rackmount equipment, the RS-1215-20 is an ideal solution for applications or locations that require power to many devices simultaneously. The 1U housing widely spaces six outlets on the front and six on the rear of the unit, allowing enough room for most AC adapters and transformers.

Power Previously Un-Powered Areas with Extra Long Cord

Install the RS-1215-20 far away from its power source and provide power distribution to previously un-powered areas with the extra long, 15-ft. power cord. The RS-1215-20 can be mounted in a different area, or a completely different room, from where it draws AC power, putting you in control of getting reliable power service where you need it most.

Premium Safety Features

The lighted On/Off switch features a translucent cover that eliminates accidental shut offs while still allowing you to see whether the RS-1215-20 is operational with a glance. A built-in, 20-amp circuit breaker prevents dangerous circuit overloads that could damage equipment. The breaker immediately shuts off AC input to the RS-1215-20 when it detects that the equipment load is drawing too much power.

Reliable, Heavy-Duty Housing

The RS-1215-20's rugged, all-metal housing is durably constructed making it a great solution for all rackmount installations.

Lifetime Warranty

Get peace of mind with Tripp Lite's Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects your product against any technical defects or malfunctions for as long as you use it.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage compatibility: 120 V (AC)
  • Frequency compatibility: 50/60 Hz
  • Output volt amp capacity (amps): 20
  • Overload protection: 20-amp circuit breaker
  • Outlet quantity/type: 12 5-15R; 6 front, 6 rear
  • Input cord: 15 ft.
  • Input plug: 5-20P
  • Switches/LEDs/alarms: Illuminated On/Off power switch with locking switch cover
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.75 (1U) in. x 17.5 in. x 4.5 in.
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.
  • Material of construction: Sheet metal
  • Agency approvals: UL1363; cUL
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
What’s in the Box

What's in the Box

  • • RS-1215-20
  • • Mounting hardware
  • • Instruction manual
Tripp Lite
Heavy-Duty Power Strips
Outlets 12 12 (Right-Angle) 12 12
Cord Length 15 ft. 15 ft. 15 ft. 15 ft. with locking plug
Amps 15 15 15 20
Metal Housing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime


20 Amp Power Strip

With 20 Amp capacity and 12 NEMA5-20R output receptacles (6 front/6 rear), the TRIPP LITE RS-1215-20 power strip offers multiple outlet power distribution for multiple loads such as internetworking, PC systems, telecommunications, sound reinforcement and more.

Ease of Use

Lighted power switch confirms power on/off status, while the snap-in switch cover prevents accident turn-off. Circuit breaker delivers over-current protection. Unfiltered electrical pass-through reliably distributes alternate waveform AC power from UPS or generator to supported equipment.

Flexible Installation

With a compact form factor that Uses one rack space (1U) in standard 19 inch rack ("zero U" mounting possible in many racks), this unit also features versatile all-metal cabinet with detachable mounting flanges allowing rackmount, wallmount, undercounter and other creative mounting options.