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The PAPAGO GoSafe 330 driving recorder records the driving process to protect you from fraudulent claims. It features a Full HD 5MP sensor and a 142-degree wide viewing angle to capture crisp, vivid 1280x720 @30fps HD video. When a collision happens, it stores the files in a backup folder which will not be overwritten. The Driver Fatigue Alarm and Headlight Alert also make this unit a great driving assistant. The HDMI allows high-quality video output, and the USB connector makes your file transfer a breeze. With other features, like auto power on when engine starts, low/high temperature protection, and a mini compact design, you'll see why the PAPAGO GoSafe 330 recorder is a lot more than average!

High-Quality Capture

Equipped with Full HD 5MP sensor, the PAPAGO GoSafe 330 can record videos in Full HD 1080p@30fps, which could be compelling proof if any accident happens. The video resolution can be switched between 1080p and 720p.

142-degree Wide Angle Lens

Allows broader recording coverage for both left and right vehicles; even the blind sides will not be missed.

Headlight Alert

Alerts you when headlights are necessary for driving conditions.

Driver Fatigue Alarm

Reminds the driver to rest after driving a certain number of hours.

Emergency Record

With a built-in G-sensor, the PAPAGO GoSafe 110 stores the files in a backup folder when a collision happens; the files will not be lost or overwritten.

Low/High Temperature Protection

Fitted with a temperature sensor, this unit automatically shuts down to protect the system when the temperature is too high or too low.