pcProx Enroll
Proximity Card Reader for Identification and Enrollment of Proximity Cards
pcProx Enroll


RF IDeas pcProx card reader eliminates the need for manual entry, providing error-free identification. pcProx is compatible with over 300 million physical access proximity cards. This reader allows users to use their building access card for other forms of identification and security throughout their workplace. This product is available either embedded in a keyboard or the standard wedge type housing. Featuring plug-n-play functionality, no required software, and embedded configurable flash memory, the reader is ready to integrate with nearly all operating systems, applications, and embedded controllers.

The USB model emulates a keyboard and keystrokes the card’s ID and/or site code to the cursor’s location on the screen. The reader can be configured to add keystrokes before and after the card’s data. The serial version, available in RS-232, Ethernet, or USB Virtual Com, delivers the card’s data in ASCII.

In addition to the standard housing (shown), readers are available in USB Dongle, PCMCIA, kiosk/wall mount, embedded keyboard, and OEM form factors. Using the optional RF IDeas Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), the pcProx family can easily be integrated with most applications.


  • PC/LAN access control
  • Application log-on
  • Employee identification
  • Time and attendance
  • Form filler to existing software applications
  • PLC and embedded controllers
  • Hoteling, meeting attendance, visitor management
  • Secure printing
  • Point of sale


Easy interface: Since there is no software deployed, the plug-n-play reader designs are truly easy to integrate into your existing application. The USB models connect directly to USB ports and send data as keystrokes. The RS-232 model connects to a serial port and sends data as ASCII. The Ethernet model comes with free software to redirect the IP address to virtual COM port on Windows PCs. The USB Virtual COM model emulates a virtual serial device.

Compatibility: Compatible with Windows CE, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Macintosh, the Solaris operating system, Sun Ray thin clients, and Linux. (Free configuration software requires Windows operating system.)

Improves accuracy of information and productivity: Eliminates errors associated with individual identification.

Versatile mounting options: The standard housing (shown on front) can be placed anywhere on the desktop. Featuring an articulated cable it can easily be mounted on kiosks, monitors, time clocks, and more. Optional base and mounting brackets expand placement options. Other form factors allow for easy, unobtrusive placement.

Meets medical/healthcare HIPAA requirements: When used as a log-on reader.

Desktop Unit Colors: Black, Pearl

Wall/Kiosk Housing Unit Colors: : Black, White

Supported Cards - Partial List

  • AWID
  • *1 Cardax Casi-Rusco
  • *1 Deister EM410X/Rosslare
  • *1 G-Prox II HID
  • *Hitag 1, S
  • *1 Hitag 2 Honeywell Nexwatch
  • *1 IDTECK/RF Logics Indala 26 bit Indala Custom Kantech ioProx
  • *Keri Systems
  • *ReadyKey Pro 1 SecuraKey RadioKey

* Validation with referenced manufacturer data pending

1 Currently in implementation