pcProx® Plus 82 Series

RF IDeas pcProx Plus 82 Series card readers are designed for customers seeking to leverage their existing employee ID badges by integrating them into applications beyond physical security. The reader possesses the capabilities of reading both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards. With this dual-frequency multi-technology, the pcProx Plus is highly configurable and capable of simultaneously handling any two of the available technologies.

The 82 Series readers integrate into your software or hardware product through the use of the RF IDeas Universal Software Developers Kit (SDK). In contrast to the Enroll readers, the 82 Series uses a callable DLL or other direct integration methods rather than keystroking (emulating a keyboard device). These low cost readers deliver the card ID in a format that applications recognize, offering nearly limitless possibilities for user identification and authentication.


  • Employee familiarity with existing badges
  • Supports most ID badge technologies used
  • Enhances investment of single badges
  • Expands application selections
  • Single/common development platform
  • No license restrictions


82 Series PC/LAN Access Control Application Log-On Employee Identification 82 Series Time & Attendance Meeting Attendance, Visitor Management Hoteling
82 Series Manufacturing 82 Series Point of Sale
82 Series OEM 82 Series Kiosk

WaveID™ is the standard that enables badge based reader solutions throughout the workplace. It gives a name to the many badge-based authentication and identification solutions powered by RF IDeas readers. In today's business environment, most employees carry badges for building access. WaveID in action is both the physical place for employees to wave their badge for identification, as well as a visual cue that an RF IDeas reader powers a specific device or solution.


Compatibility: Compatible with Windows 2000®, XP®, Vista®, 7®, and Linux; Teradici Zero Clients (Free configuration software required on Windows® operating system).

Versatile mounting options: The standard housing can be placed anywhere on the desktop. Featuring an articulated cable it can easily be mounted on kiosks, monitors, time clocks, and more.
*Also available in a wall mount design.

Improves accuracy of information and productivity: Enables ID badges to be used for one or two factor authentication applications.

pcProx 125 kHz Supported Cards—Partial List
AWID Cardax*
CASI-RUSCO® Deister*
Farpointe Data GProx™ II*
HID® Prox HiTag 1, S & 2
Indala® (Motorola) ioProx™ (Kantech)
Keri NXT Keri*
Nexwatch (Honeywell) Pyramid
Radio Key® ReadyKey Pro*
Secura Key Rosslare
Russwin* GE Security
*Unique ID
AIR ID 13.56 MHz Supported Cards—Partial List
Advant CSN (Legic) eTag CSN
I-tag CSN ISO 14443A CSN1
MIFARE Ultralight CSN my-d CSN
1 Select NFC credentials
Specifications—Desktop Reader
Typical maximum read range: 1.0” – 3.0” (2.5 – 7.6cm) dependent upon proximity card type and environmental conditions. Slightly diminished performance for certain card types as compared to pcProx/AIR ID reader.
Dimensions: 3 3/8” x 2” x 0.6” (8.57cm x 5.08cm x 1.52cm)
Weight: 4.0 oz (113.39g)
Power supply: USB self-powered, 6ft cable
Indicators: Tri-state LED, dual tone beeper
Transmit frequency: 125 kHz & 13.56 MHz
Operating temperature range: -22° to 150°F (-30° to 65°C)
Operating humidity range: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage temperature range: -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
Interface: USB
Certifications: FCC, United States; CE Mark, Europe; C-TICK, RoHS, Industry Canada, UL
Desktop Unit Color: Black, Pearl