Clone your hard drive to multiple hard disks in a single touch of a button with Produplicator’s standalone rackmount hard disk drive duplicator. Our HDD and SSD cloner can copy data sector by sector from the source drive to target drives simultaneously, regardless of brand, operating system or format of the drives. Duplicated copies can include partition and boot sector information as well.

When it comes to removing data on hard drives, our duplicators have several erase functions which provide consumers security and a peace of mind. From a quick erase of your hard drives to an extensive multiple-pass DoD 5220.22 -M Data Sanitation Compliant method, our duplicators ensure no trace of content will be left behind.

Our duplicators come standard with 40mm rear fans and built-in vents to provide optimal cooling and air flow. To further enhance the cooling, included is a rear outtake fan on each port for each hard drive bay. A high performance power supply comes standard to endure long-time operation.