Mushkin Essentials SODIMM Memory

With speed and quality at a competitive price theKEY_TAB Mushkin ESSENTIALSKEY_TAB line ofKEY_TAB memory modules are a great upgrade for your desktop or PC. Built with premium components and first-class manufacturing this memory kit will go the distance with unbeatable reliability and durability.

Add thisKEY_TAB Mushkin ESSENTIALSKEY_TAB SODIMMKEY_TAB memory kit to your system and watch the performance skyrocket—as more memory often means more responsive multitasking faster program switching as well as better overall performance.

Key Features:

  • Made from top-tier quality components
  • Mushkin Enhanced to be compatible with just about any system/motherboard.
  • Energy Efficient memory module designs
  • Massive memory kits of up toKEY_TAB 64 GB
  • TAA - Compliant*
  • Meet and exceed JEDEC spec
  • Toll-free and unlimited technical support
  • Backed by a Lifetime warranty

Like all Mushkin products our Essentials memory modules are built from premium top-tier quality components and manufactured according to stringent quality guidelines. Offering cost-savings with confidence Mushkin products are 100-% tested guaranteed compatible for each designated system and backed by industry-leading warranties no-cost technical support and is lifetime replacement warranty.