Listen to music, watch TV, take calls and hear the sounds around you! The Lucid Audio Hearing Headphones with Bluetooth and TV Streamer use AMPED technology to amplify outside sounds up to 9 times! Recessed individual volume knobs let you precisely adjust the amount of ambient sound reaching each ear. The white and gray headphones also have sound activated compression to protect you from loud harmful noises. These white and gray Bluetooth headphones have ultra low profile earcups with folding, formfitting design to ensure the best sound and provide quality protection. The HD speakers/drivers ensure audio quality for natural sound clarity! The TV streamer kit connects to any TV or media device with its 3.5 mm/RCA audio output. This enables you to watch TV at any volume you want without disturbing others in the same room. Bluetooth range is 33 ft. Lucid Audio headphones—engineered for the way you live and the things you love.