System Requirements
A notebook with a 16:9 display in the size 13.3", 14" or 15.6" running Windows 10. You need 22 mm of flat surface below the bottom edge of the display for mounting the AirBar sensor.

Move, pick and turn it all around
AirBar makes it easy to move around in your presentations, its a breeze to use for editing and really brings you closer to your work or fun.

Pinch & Zoom
Experience your photos with native pinch and zoom. With your fingers. Yes, its really useful. And cool.

USB Plug-and-Touch
After youve mounted your AirBar sensor correctly, just plug in the USB connector. If you need a longer USB-cord, use an extension.

Swipe like you mean it
AirBar supports all native gestures in Windows 10. Swipe away!

Scroll your way home
Scroll is fast and precise with AirBar. Its easier to eat with your fingers, no matter what your mother says, and scrolling is the same.