1. Portable, easy to carry and store.
2. Adjustable Focus Range - Zoom in for an intense beam or out for wider illumination.
3. Made of high quality aerospace grade aluminum alloy, it is sturdy, durable, scratch resistant and shockproof.
4. Suitable for camping, travel and other outdoor activities.
5. With strap on the tail cap, can be put in your pocket or hung on your bag.
6. Wide beam, great for lighting the path, intense spot penetrates deep into the darkness.
7. O ring sealed, can be used in rainy weather.(Do not mean submerge in water).

Flashlight Operation
The flashlight has 5 modes, all accessed via the single rubber pushbutton at its base. Press firmly to switch the flashlight on and off. When on, press lightly to select:
1. Full intensity beam
2. Medium intensity beam
3. Lower intensity beam
4. Very high rate flashing beam
5. Morse Code SOS signaling

Flashlight Operation