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Before you buy: - TT-BA01 is a Bluetooth music transmitter, not a Bluetooth receiver. It can add Bluetooth transmitting function to your electronic devices, and help to transmit audio to your Bluetooth headphones/speaker; - Cannot be used with a mono/single-side headset. It is used to be paired with stereo Bluetooth adapter such as Taotronics® TT-BH03 (Newegg
Item#: 9SIA0WP0P24954). - Cannot be used to make and take phone calls; - When using TaoTronics® TT-BA01, you will have to control play/pause/forwards/backwards on your audio devices, instead of the paired BT headset.
- Bluetooth Version 2.1 (Class II) -
Range: 10 meters -
Work Time: 4Hours -
Standby Time: 80 Hours -
Dimension: 60 x 24 x 9mm -
Weight: 10g
How to use:

1. Plug the Bluetooth audio adapter into any devices with 3.5 mm audio port.
Pairing: Press and hold the button for 6 second until the red and blue LEDS flash alternatives. The Bluetooth audio adapter will now be in paring mode. Please place TT-BA01 within 1 meter range of your Bluetooth device during the pairing process.
Connection: Pair to the Bluetooth Stereo headset automatically. FAQ 1.
Q: Can TT-BA01 be used while charging?
A: No. TT-BA01 will not be in pairing mode while charging. 2.
Q: Why can't my smart phone find TT-BA01 will not be found?
A: TT-BA01 is a Bluetooth transmitter, NOT a receiver. Plug TT-BA01 in a none-Bluetooth device such as kindle fire, iPod, TV set, CD player, etc. Then it will pair with your stereo Bluetooth headphone/Speaker automatically during the pairing process.