ECONOMIC AIO 5 Integrated Water Cooling Radiator


Support platform: LGA1700/LGA1200/AM4

Weight: 1412g±10%

  • Shenguang synchronous cooling head, deep light and shadow design, different visual enjoyment.
  • The cold exhaust is connected by one line, and the cold exhaust fan is only connected to the motherboard by one line, which makes the line management simple and the chassis more tidy
  • Quiet and efficient, 2400RPM water pump speed, taking into account performance and noise
  • EPDM+IIR water pipe, refuse to leak
  • Eight-stage silent motor

Cold head size: 67*67*47mm
Pump life: 30000H
Operating noise: 29±2dB(A)
Bottom material: copper
Input current: 0.2A±10%
Input voltage: 12V
Operating power: 2.4W±10%
Full load speed: 2400RPM±10%


Fan size: 120*120*25mm
Fan weight: 129g±10%
Fan air volume: 79CFM±10%
Fan pressure: 1.8mm/H2O±10%
Fan noise: 33dB(A)
Input current: 0.38A±10%
Input voltage: 12V
Operating power: 4.56W±10%
Full load speed: 1850RPM±10%
Bearing type: MHDB

ARGB fan, Shenguang synchronization, automatic temperature control and speed adjustment

Micro-channel copper bottom, precision shoveling process, quickly transfer CPU heat
Square drainage, low resistance water channel, regular thickness compatible with most chassis