iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio with USB Charging and Speakerphone
Upgrade your morning routine with the IBT29, a multifunctional and visually appealing alarm clock that not only streams audio and calls but also features a color-changing cabinet for a range of delightful effects. Equipped with Bluetooth technology and an aux-in port, the IBT29 plays music wirelessly, yet also supports a wired audio connection. Featuring an FM radio with six-station preset memory and built-in alarm tones, the IBT29 offers a variety of options for your morning alarm. The dual alarm feature allows you to set two different alarms with separate alarm sources.
Not just an alarm clock, the IBT29 boasts a built-in mic and speakerphone that offer the convenience of hands-free conversations, while digital voice echo cancellation ensures that you can hear every word. Specially-designed Reson8speakers chambers with premium drivers delivery high-fidelity sound for both your music and calls.
A charmingly spherical shape and color-changing cabinet make the IBT29, not just a practical device, but also a fun one. Multiple color settings allow you to customize the hue to suit your mood or change when your alarm rings. The IBT29 adds a playful element to your home while supporting a number of essential functions for your active lifestyle.
Enjoy hands-free calls with built-in speakerphone
Use the built-in mic and speakerphone to answer calls with the push of a button. With Bluetooth, the IBT29 streams incoming calls wirelessly, so you can enjoy hands-free convenience. Digital voice echo cancellation ensures that your calls are never distorted, and specially-designed Reson8 speaker chambers deliver a high-fidelity sound that you can truly appreciate. With the addition of a speakerphone, the IBT29 is so much more than just an alarm clock.
Charge and play your devices at the same timePlay your music for hours without worry – the IBT29 has a built-in USB charging port that'll keep your device fully charged even while you use it. A practical bedside companion, the IBT29 also lets you charge your phone or tablet overnight, so you're ready to go in the morning. Keep your nightstand clutter-free and your devices fully-charged with the all-in-one IBT29.
Set the mood with a fun, color-changing cabinetFive eye-catching hues and six wake-up color modes add an element of charm to any bedroom. Change the color settings to suit your mood, and bring life to the party. You can set a combination of blue, yellow, green, and pink hues to greet you in the morning or turn the color settings off for a subtler look. The unique, color-changing cabinet of the IBT29 is both amusing and delightful.
Wake and sleep to the sounds of your choosingThe IBT29 is equipped with Bluetooth technology, an FM radio, aux-in port, and built-in tones, giving you a variety of options for your morning alarm and bedtime tunes. You can stream audio from any paired device, which includes everything from your favorite songs and playlists, to podcasts and audiobooks. The IBT29 also plays audio from non-Bluetooth devices and features an FM radio with six-station preset memory. Set your alarm to any one of these options, or select one of the built-in alarm tones on the device itself. With so many choices, you'll never get tired of your morning and evening routine.
Embrace wireless convenience with Bluetooth technologyThanks to Bluetooth, you can play your music without a wired connection. The IBT