Full 360 degree video protection. 360 degree panoramic view for full tracking without blind spots. Dual axis motor with pan, tilt and zoom function with a horizontal angle of view of 360 ° and a vertical angle of view of 108 °.
Human detection with AI By combining deep learning applications and algorithm and network optimization, AI effectively filters out false alarms to improve accuracy.
Full encryption for privacy protection. Full encryption of data transmission
AES-128 encryption via the cloud
Customizable sleep times
The F / 1.4 aperture can capture clear images even in low light conditions. The large aperture f / 1.4 lens lets in more light, making it easy to capture detailed images even in low light conditions.
Enhanced 6P lens for higher quality viewing The fully upgraded lens effectively reduces light refraction for clearer and more detailed images.
Support for remote viewing on multiple devices and playback at 16 × speed Supports remote viewing on various devices, including smartphones, tablets. Playback at 1x-4x-16x speed through the Mi Home or Xiaomi Home application for the video history stored on the Micro SD card. Save time and effort with quick and easy navigation.
A new generation of H.265 video encoding technology It can be seen perfectly under normal network conditions, saves bandwidth, and provides clear and delicate images.
Unlike H.264 encoded video, H.265 video occupies half at the same data rate and pixels, saving storage space.