16GB DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) 260-Pin DDR4 SO-DIMM NEMIX RAM meets and exceeds JEDEC standards and is backed by Lifetime Warranty. All memory is stocked in USA and usually ships same business day.
Compatible with: ROG Zephyrus (GA502), ROG Zephyrus (GX501), ROG Zephyrus S (GX701GX), ROG Zephyrus GX531GX, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM, ROG Zephyrus (GX501GI), Zephyrus GX501VI, ROG Zephyrus M (GM501), ZenBook 13 UX310UF, ZenBook UX410UF, ZenBook UX410UA, ZenBook UX510UX, Zenbook UX310UA, Zenbook UX310UQ, ZenBook UX510UW, X570ZD, ROG Strix GL702ZC, VivoBook 15 X505ZA, X756UWK, X756UW, X756UVK, X756UV, X756UQK, X756UQ, X756UAK, VivoBook 17 X705UV, VivoBook 17 X705UN, VivoBook 17 X705UF, VivoBook 17 X705UD, X580VD, X570UD, X560UD, X556UQK, Vivobook X556UQ, X556UAK (DDR4), X556UA (DDR4), X555QG, X555QA, X555BP, X555BA, X550VXK, X550VX, X550VQ, X550IU, X550IK, X541UVK, VivoBook Max X541UV, X541UJ, X541UAK, VivoBook Max X541UA, VivoBook 15 X540UV, VivoBook X540UP, X540UB, VivoBook S15 X530FN, VivoBook 15 X512UF, VivoBook 15 X512UB, VivoBook 15 X512UA, VivoBook 15 X512FA, VivoBook 15 X510UR, X510UQR, X510UQ, VivoBook 15 X510UN, VivoBook 15 X510UF, X510UAR, X510UA, X507UA (2 SODIMM slot), X507UA (1 SODIMM slot), VivoBook 15 X505BP, VivoBook 15 X505BA, X456UAM, X456UAK, VivoBook 14 X442UR, X441UVK, VivoBook Max X441UV, X441URK, X441UB, X441UAK, VivoBook Max X441UA, VivoBook S14 X430UF, Vivobook 14 X412UA, Vivobook 14 X412FJ, VivoBook 14 X411UQ, Vivobook 14 X411UN, Vivobook 14 X411UF, Vivobook 14 X411UA, X407UF, X407UA, X405UAP, StudioBook S W700G3P, ROG G752VY-DH72, ROG G752VY-DH78K, ROG STRIX GL502VY, ROG GL502VY, ROG G752VY, GL552VXK, F550VX, N752VX, ROG GL552VX, ROG GL553VW, ROG GL552VW, ROG G501VW, N552VW, N551VW, ROG G551VW, ROG GL752VW, GL552VW, ROG GL502VTS, ROG G752VT-DH74, ROG G752VT-DH72, ROG GL702VT, ROG GL502VT, ROG G752VT, GX501VSK, GL702VSK, G752VSK, GL502VSK, ROG Strix GL503VS, ROG GL702VS, ROG GL502VS, ROG G752VS, ROG GX700VO, ROG G701VO, GL502VMZ, GL502VML, GL702VMK, ROG GL502VMK, FX503VM, ROG Strix GL503VM, ROG Strix GL703VM, ROG GL702VM, ROG GL502VM, ROG G752VM, FX502VM, ROG G752VL-DH71, ROG GL552VL, ROG GL752VL, ROG G752VL, VivoBook Pro 15 N580GD, VivoBook S14 S410UN, VivoBook F510UA FHD, VivoBook S15 S530FA, VivoBook S14 S430FN, VivoBook S14 S430FA, VivoBook S14 S410UA, VivoBook S14 S410UQ, VivoBook S14 S430UN, VivoBook S15 S530UN, VivoBook S15 S530UA, VivoBook S15 S530FN, GX501VIK, G701VIK, ROG Strix GL702VI, ROG G703VI, ROG G701VI, ROG G800VI, GX800VHK, ROG GX800VH, FX502VE, ROG GL553VE, ROG GL753VE, FX502VD, FX503VD, GL703VD, FX53VD, ROG GL553VD, ROG GL753VD, UX510UXK, UX560UQK, UX510UWK, UX410UQK, UX410UQ, UX410UAK, UX310UAK, Q534UX, K501UW, P2540UV, Q524UQK, ASUSPRO P4540UQ, ASUSPRO P2440UQ, K501UQ, Q524UQ, ASUSPRO P5440UF, ASUSPRO P1440UF, PU403UF, FX570UD, P2540UB, Q505UAR, Q504UAK, Q304UAK, BU203UA, Q525UA, Q505UA, ASUSPRO P2440UA, BU403UA, P2540UA, PU403UA, ASUSPRO P2530UA, F507UA, TUF Gaming FX505DY, TUF Gaming FX504, TUF Gaming FX705DY, TUF Gaming FX505, TUF Gaming FX705, ROG Strix SKT T1 Hero Edition, Strix GL504GS, ROG Strix SCAR II, ROG Strix GL703GM, ROG Strix SCAR Edition, ROG Strix GL703, ROG Strix GL503, ROG Strix