Elevate your system to a new level of perfection with CableMod PRO Cable Combs. Crafted for use with CableMod PRO Series cables, these combs help keep your cables straight and tidy for an unmatched professional look. Precision molded with ABS plastic, these cable combs snap easily into place, and are durable enough to last through several builds. Available in black, white, and transparent, these cable combs add a perfect color accent to your cables. As one of the most requested accessories from CableMod fans around the world, CableMod PRO Cable Combs are the perfect complement to any build with CableMod PRO cables. Inside the package:
2 x 24 pin Cable Combs5 x 8 pin Cable Combs 3 x 6 pin Cable Combs 2 x 4 pin Cable Combs