DRRI as a professional in design and manufacture all kinds of special cables, have accumulated rich experience in development and production for kinds of cables and its related connector adapter. Our products are widely used in kinds of harsh environment and applications, like industrial control devices, medical equipment, measuring and inspecting equipment, audio & visual equipment and military, etc. Furthermore, it has excellent compatibility with many leading supplier. DRRI With RED/Teradek Bond/ARRI Camera Cable, SDI Cable, USB Cable, Video Cable, CCD Cable... We supply different OEM/ODM services serve as different application and requirement.

We are able to provide high quality cables which maches different environmentally friendly standards in all countries. If you need welding cable for connector, you\u2019d better provide paramper of the cable and the specification of the connector. Any cables can be customized according to your requirement. Please Recognize DRRI Original Cables. That means that you'll have the full force of the DRRI Manufacturer