?HD 1920x1080P Quality Webcam ? This camera delivers high definition video at 30 frames/sec, 1080P images it will enhance the quality of your video conference or online class since most of your computer built-in camera is only 720P, or no camera at all
?Voice-Optimize Microphone ? The webcam is built-in with microphone which will pick up your voice with aboout 15-20 feet range, and the microphone enhances your voice by reducing the noise around, you can send a clear voice message through this webcam
?Tripod & Rotatable Clip? The webcam has a 360 degree rotatable base to clip on your laptop or desktop computer, with this clip you can adjust to any angle; The webcam also comes with d tripod stand in case you don’t want it to clip on your computer
?Smooth Live Streaming? USB plug and play no software to be installed for, smooth live streaming no glitch interrupt, facial-enhancement technology optimizes the image automatically, Which makes you look best in Recording, video calling, online teaching, gaming
?Privacy Lens Shutter? Just flip down the little shutter cap on the lens will immediately cover the camera in case you want to have some privacy, the shutter cap is attachable, you can take it down whenever you don’t like it