Product Name: 5pcs FM Stereo Module Radio Module RDA5807M RRD-102V 2.0

Product Overview: "RRD-102V 2.0" stereo radio module (FM Stereo radio Module) high sensitivity, low power consumption, ultra- small size of the FM stereo radio module. Using RDA Microelectronics of RDA5807M (or RDA5802NM), this circuit fewer external components, the noise factor is minimal. Small size, low power consumption, low cost, simple application, the use of a wide range of advantages. Is an easy-to-use and possessed highly cost-effective single-chip FM stereo radio module.
A: Move DVD, TV, MP3, MP4 and other built-in FM wide-band wireless receiver module.
B: mining, business, campus, residential, tourist areas and other public places, stereo FM radio system.
C: wireless audio and wireless stereo headset functionality.
D: GPS navigation, TV broadcasting systems and other wireless FM radio.
E: high-end game consoles and wireless audio electronic toys.
F: mobile phones, mobile phones, intercom systems, mobile radio devices and other stereo radio.
G: PDAS and Notebook PC and other peripheral applications.
Functional characteristics:
A: using a common 102BC module package, users can directly replace the use, without changing the circuit design.
B: high sensitivity, low noise, anti-interference ability, very few external components, small size (11* 11.2MM Max), extremely simple to use.
C: 76-108MHz FM band worldwide compatible(76-91MHz, including Japan, America and Europe 87.5 - 108.5MH z).
D: I2C serial data communications bus interface, support for external reference clock input.
E: COMS technology fully integrated single-chip integrated circuits, power consumption is minimal.
F: built-in high-precision A/D (analog) and digital frequency synthesizer.
G: built-in LDO regulator, low power, wide voltage range( 2.7 - 3.6VDC ).
H: built-in noise reduction, soft mute, bass boost circuit design.
I: 32 load high power audio output, headphone connections are direct, no external audio driver amplifier.
J: the application is simple, low cost, cost-effective.