Suite name: 16 Music Box
Kit Model: BOX-16
Operating voltage: 4.5 -5V
PCB size: 48mm (length) * 42mm (W)
Control modes: manual coding + external coding

16-tone box under your control, arbitrarily issued 16 kinds of interesting analog sound, both an electronic toy can also be used as a doorbell or alarm.

coding (ABCD)
0000: Machine gun voice
0001: Fire truck voice
0010: Ambulance voice
0011: The police car voice
0100: Crickets sound
0101: alarm
0110: Electronic signal sound
0111: koh
1000: Insect song
1001: whistle
1010: Telegraph sound
1011: Bird song
1100: Chong
Ji gunfire
1101: Car sirens
1110: Bass instruments sound
1111: Racing sound