Product Name: MPU6050 6 Axis Gyroscope Acce? leromete Sensor Module for Arduino

1. Product features 1). MPU-6000 is the world's first integrated 6 axis motion processing components, compared to many components, from the combination between the axis of gyroscope and accelerator problem, reduce the size of a large number of packaging. MPU - 6000 integrated the three axis of gyroscope, three axis accelerator, and can be connected by a second I2C ports of other labels of the accelerator, magnetic sensors, or other
Digital Motion sensor processing (DMP: Digital Motion Processor) hardware acceleration engine, the main I2C port, in the form of a single data stream to an output complete fusion calculus technology company of 9 shaft movement process database, can handle complex movement test data, reduces the movement processing operation load of the operating system, and provide a framework for application development API. 2). MPU-6000 the angular velocity of the sensing range is + 250, + 500, + 500 to + 2000degree/SEC (DPS), tracking fast and slow or quick, accurate and user programmable control of accelerator is the sensing range of plus or minus 2 g, plus or minus 4 g + 8 g and 16 g +. Transmission of product can be through the I2C of up to 400 KHZ or up to 20 MHZ of SPI. 3). MPU-6000 can be work under different voltage, VDD voltage 2.5V +/-5%, 3.0V +/-5%, or 3.3 V+/-5%, logical interface VVDIO power supply of 1.8V +/-5%. MPU-6000 packing size 4 x4x 0.9 mm (QFN), is the size of the revolutionary in the industry. Other features include a built-in temperature sensor, contains only plus or minus 1% in operation environment variable oscillator.

2. Range of application 1). The motion detection 2). The body feeling game 3). The electronic image stabilization 4). The navigation
3. Specification 1).
The power supply voltage: 5 v 2).
communication: IIC 3).
The output resolution: 16 bit 4).
gyroscope measuring range: + 250, + 500, + 1000, + 1000 per second (DPS) 5).
The accelerometer measurement range: + 2, + 4, 8, plus or minus + 16 g 6).
The PCB size: 23 * 23 mm 7).
Install distributed distance: 18 * 18 mm 8).
The installation hole size: F 3