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With the Travelstar 5K100, Hitachi brings you a great offering in a mid-range hard drive for your laptop! With an 8MB cache and a seek time of only 12ms, your data is retrieved and stored faster, and has the industry’s lowest “idle” power, so you waste less of your precious battery power. On average, it consumes up to 78% less power than similar drives with a combination of Hitachi’s proprietary battery life extension technology, to keep you working longer without sacrificing performance.

This versatile drive is also compliant with RoHS environmental standards, as part of Hitachi’s on going commitment to the ecology. In addition, the driver is specially designed for long life, by not letting the heads “fall” to the surface of the disk when the motor is stopped, limited exposure and friction. This is an ideal choice for notebook systems, and a fine addition to the Hitachi tradition and your computer.

Parallel ATA Interface

Featuring a parallel ATA interface, the Hitachi Travelstar 5K100 HTS541040G9AT00 supports up to 100 MB/s data transfer rates for optimized reading and writing performance.

Hitachi Enhanced ABLE Technology

Hitachi's unique Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender (ABLE) technology enables the 5K100 series drives to as achieve as much as a 67% reduction in power consumption.