Keep your laptop cooler and raise it to a more comfortable height with Mount-It! Mesh Laptop Stand. Combining metal-mesh ventilated panels with adjustable height settings, our mesh laptop stand provides a better user experience you and better conditions for your laptop. Metal-mesh platform draws heat away from laptop. The forward tilting position improves airflow around and under the laptop. In addition, the flat mesh platform where the laptop sits absorbs and distributes heat away from the laptop. These two features work together to help prevent unwanted issues associated with hot laptops - slower performance, malfunctions, and system crashes to the chance of overheating or general heat fatigue, which can permanently damage your hardware. One other benefit of raising the height of your laptop is making its screen more aligned with your eye-sight. Raising your laptop will promote better posture to help prevent back, neck and should pain that can result from slouching at your desk. Folding design and 2" slim feature makes this laptop stand portable for use in classroom, coffee shops, or anywhere you use your laptop. Features and Specifications: - 3 height settings. - Sleek fine mesh metal structure - Anti-slip feet to keep the stand in place and to prevent scratching your desktop. - Paddings over the mesh platform to protect the bottom of your laptop. - Wood stopper at the edge to keep your laptop in place, even at the highest height setting. - 14.25 inches wide and 9 inches deep. Will work with all laptops, even up to 17" in screen size. - Height adjustable from 2 to 5.5 inches.