Find the perfect table top solution for your standing desk frame with DESK-TOP60O from VIVO! Featuring solid bamboo in a natural light color, this product provides the finishing touch to your adjustable workstation. Go from sitting to standing with all of your equipment and accessories safely resting on this sturdy surface. Compatible with both manual and electric frames measuring 39 to 58 in length, this table top gives you options! Whether you're creating your very first sit-to-stand workstation or you need a replacement part, this desk surface was built to last! All hardware and instructions are provided to get your new platform attached to your current desk frame in no time!


  • Compatible with both manual and electric frames measuring 39 to 58 in length (desk frame not included)

  • Fits the following VIVO desk frame models: DESK-E-100B / DESK-E-100W (single motor), DESK-E-200B / DESK-E-200W (dual motor), DESK-E151EB / DESK-E151EW (single motor), DESK-EV02RB / DESK-EV02RW (dual motor), DESK-M051CB / DESK-M051CW (manual), DESK-M051MB / DESK-M051MW (manual), DESK-V100EB / DESK-V100EW (single motor), DESK-V100EBY / DESK-V100EWY (single motor), DESK-V101EB / DESK-V101EW (single motor), DESK-V101M / DESK-V101MW (manual), DESK-V102E / DESK-V102EW (single motor), DESK-V103E / DESK-V103EW (dual motor)

  • Please Note: The pre-drilled holes fit our VIVO desk frame models. Pre-drilling will be required to fit most other desk frames

  • Compatible Hardware Included: Please use the hardware provided with this table top

  • Specifications

  • Color: Bamboo

  • Material: Solid Bamboo

  • Dimensions: 59 x 23.6

  • Desktop Thickness: 0.75