Brand New BattPit 19V 4.74A 90W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.
- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.

NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter.

Compatible with the following HP models: Pavilion dm1-3000, Pavilion dm1-3100, Pavilion dm1-3200, Pavilion dm1-4000, Pavilion dm1z-3000, Pavilion dm1Z-4000, Pavilion dm3-3000, Pavilion dm3-3100, Pavilion dm3t-3000, Pavilion dm3z-3000, Pavilion dm4-1000, Pavilion dm4-2000, Pavilion DM4-3000, Pavilion dm4t, Pavilion dm4t-1000, Pavilion dm4t-2000, Pavilion DM4t-3000, Pavilion DV3, Pavilion DV3000, Pavilion DV3100, Pavilion dv3-1000, Pavilion DV3-2000, Pavilion dv3-4000, Pavilion DV3500, Pavilion DV3600, Pavilion DV3700, Pavilion DV3800, Pavilion DV3T, Pavilion DV3ZO, Pavilion DV4, Pavilion DV4-1000, Pavilion dv4-2000, Pavilion dv4-3000, Pavilion dv4-4000, Pavilion dv4-5000, Pavilion dv4i, Pavilion DV4T, Pavilion DV4Z, Pavilion DV5, Pavilion DV5-1000, Pavilion dv5-2000, Pavilion dv5-3000, Pavilion DV5T, Pavilion DV5Z, Pavilion DV6, Pavilion dv6-1000, Pavilion dv6-2000, Pavilion dv6-3000, Pavilion dv6-4000, Pavilion dv6-6000, Pavilion DV6-7000, Pavilion dv6-8000, Pavilion dv6t, Pavilion DV6Z, Pavilion DV7, Pavilion dv7-1000, Pavilion dv7-2000, Pavilion dv7-3000, Pavilion dv7-4000, Pavilion dv7-5000, Pavilion dv7-6000, Pavilion DV7-7000, Pavilion DV7T, Pavilion dv7z, Pavilion dv8-1200, Pavilion g4-1000, Pavilion g4-2000, Pavilion g4t-1000, Pavilion G50, Pavilion G60, Pavilion G60t, Pavilion G61, Pavilion g6-1000, Pavilion g6-2000, Pavilion g6s, Pavilion g6t, Pavilion g6t-1000, Pavilion g6t-2000, Pavilion g6x, Pavilion g6z-1000, Pavilion g6z-2000, Pavilion G70, Pavilion G70t, Pavilion g7-1000, Pavilion g7-2000, Pavilion g7z-1000, Pavilion g7z-2000, Pavilion HDX, Pavilion HDX16, Pavilion HDX16T, Pavilion M6-1000, Pavilion m6t-1000, Pavilion M7-1015, Pavilion M7-1078

Compatible with the following part numbers: 324815-003, 384019-001, 384019-002, 384019-003, 384020-001, 384020-002, 384020-003, 384021-001, 384021-002, 384021-003, 391172-001, 391173-001, 397823-001, 397824-001, 403900-001, 408488-001, 409515-001, 409992-001, 410321-001, 412786-001, 416421-001, 416421-002, 416421-021, 418872-001, 418873-001, 418875-001, 419107-001, 453198-001, 457685-001, 463552-001, 463552-002, 463552-003, 463552-004, 463553-001, 463553-002, 463553-003, 463553-004, 463554-001, 463554-002, 463554-003, 463554-004, 463955-001, 463956-001, 463957-001, 463958-001, 519329-001, 519329-002, 519329-003, 519330-001, 535593-001, 574063-001, 577051-001, 577170-001, 608425-002, 608425-004, 608428-003, 609939-001, 609940-001, 609947-001, 609948-001, 613150-001, 613152-001, 613153-001, 613161-001, 620656-001, 677774-004, 693711-001, AD9043-021G2, ADP-90HB, ED494AA, ED494AA#ABA, ED494AAR, ED495AA#ABA, ED495ET, ED495UT, EG410AA, EP341AV, EP341AV#ABA, HP-AP091F13, HP-AP091F13 LF SE, HP-AP091F13LF SE, HP-AP091F13P, HP-AP091F13P SELF, HP-OK065B13 LF SE, HP-OK065B133SELF, HSTNN-LA15, KG298AA, KG298AA#ABA, N18152, NW199AA, PA1650-02HC, PA-1650-2HC, PA-1900-08H2, PA-1900-08HN, PA-1900-18H2, PA-1900-18HN, PA-1900-32HE, PA1900-32HN, PPP009A, PPP009H, PPP009L, PPP009L-E, PPP009X, PPP009X-X, PPP012HS, PPP012L-E, PPP012S-S, PPP012X-S, PPP014H-S, PPP014L, PPP014L-S, PPP014L-SA, PPP014S-S, PPP014X-S, PPP14L-SA, VF685AA, VF685AA#ABA