1. Navigation product, APP control,10 Different languages, P to P no cloud-trough Technology, Smooth Operation and Avoid Hacking

2. Excellent work for pet hair, with fur brush, plastic brush and Strong suction system

3. Supervise your house /pet/child by moving day/night mood camera through APP smooth control. Audio/video Transfer no time delay.

4. 120 mins running, schedule, self-charging

5. HEPA protect you from pet hair allergy

6. Suitable for hardwood, carpet, tiles, could work under bed and table .

7. 15mm climbing, low noise operation (65dB)


Brand: Xshuai
Model: Shuaixiaobao
Type Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Color: black

Basic parameter Dust Box capacity (litres): 0.35 liter
Noise:Max.65 dB
Speed: 25 cm/sec
Power consumption: 26 W
Remote controller type: App Control
Indicator type: Infrared Indicator
Operation: APP Control and button control
Dust-bin full detected sensor: yes
Mop function:yes
Auto Charging Dock Station: yes
Scheduler: yes
Cleaning Suction Power: 500 m/sec
Battery Battery Type: 2200 lithium mAH
Charging Time: Max. 4-5 hrs
Running Time: Typical 90-120 minutes ( 2200 mAh battery)
Cleaning Brush Rolling Brush: Yes(x2)
Side brush: Yes(x1)
Filter types: HEPA
Sensor Type
Auto Charging: Yes
Bumper: Yes (Auxiliary)
Cliff : Yes
Non Collide: Yes
Crawling up ability: 1 cm Max.
Non-colliding-sensor detected width: degrees in ahead > 6.5cm ; other > 2.5cm"
Non-colliding-sensor detected distance: < 5cm

Room coverage :Adaptor 24 VDC 1000 mA Constant Current
Extra filters: Yes
Clean Brush: Yes
Hair Mover tool: Yes

Floor Types Suitable

Hard Wood: Yes
Tiles: Yes
Linoleum: Yes
Carpet: Carpet hair not longer 1.5cm
Battery Life: Min.500 charging cycles or half year
Warranty limitations:1 year for main unit

Dinension & Weight Diameter: 32 cm
Height: 9.5 cm
Weight: 2.862 KG
Package content 1xRobot Vacuum
2x Side Brush
1x Cleaning Brush
1x HEPE Filter
1x Mopping Cloth
1x Power Adapter
1xCharging stand
1x Lithium Battery
1x Instruction
1x Screwdriver