---Output:20V 4.5A 90W

---Input :100-240V 50/60Hz

---Connecter size:5.5mm×2.5mm

---Outlet: 3-prong

----compatible with :

ADP-90DD B,36001941,36001647,PA-1900-56LC,36001927, 36001652, CPA-A090,36001789,36001942,45N0225,45N0226


Package Includes:
Adapter + power cord

ompatible with laptop:


B450 B460 B465 B470 B475 B570 B575
B460A B470A B470E B470G B475G B570A B570E B575G B575E

G230 G430 G450 G455 G460 G470 G475 G550 G560
G360A G460A G470A G470G G475A G475G
G460AX G460AL G470AH G470AL G475AX G475GX G475GL G575GX

V360 V370 V450 V460 V470 V550 V560 V570
V360A V370A V460A V470A V470C V470G V470CA

Y330 Y400 Y430 Y450 Y460 Y470 Y480 Y485 Y500 Y510 Y530 Y550 Y560 Y570 Y580 Y650 Y710 Y730
Y410P Y460A Y460C Y460N Y460P Y470A Y470P Y470N Y471A Y485P Y510P Y550A Y550P Y560A Y560P

Z360 Z370 Z380 Z460 Z465 Z470 Z475 Z480 Z485 Z510 Z560 Z565 Z570 Z575 Z580 Z585
Z370A Z370G Z465A Z470A Z475A Z570A Z475Gm

U110 U130 U150 U160 U165 U260 U310 U330 U350 U400 U410 U430 U450 U460 U510 U550 U300E U300S U330P U450A U450P

K22 K23 K24 K26 K27 K29 K33 K41 E46 E47 E49 Z47 E46A E47A E49A E46L E47L E47G K46A K47A K47G