Use your existing electrical wiring to extend your Internet access to any room in your house. Homeplug AV2 technology supports Gigabit speeds through your electrical outlets for improved coverageExtremely fast Powerline adapter for Gigabit speeds?? perfect for connecting smart TVs?? streaming players & game consoles with 4K HD streaming and lag-free gamingExtra plug with our noise filtered power outlet built into the adapter to ensure the performanceMultiple data streams (MIMO) with Beamforming technology to offer improved coverage by directing the signal where you need itConnect multiple adapters to expand your network coverage.
System requirements:
Ethernet: (2) RJ-45 Ethernet ports??Plug and Play - Set up in minutes?? no need to configure or install softwareInput power: 100V - 240V?? 50/60 Hz. Extremely fast speed up to 2000Mbps