• Houses and powers up to 12 media converters to help you create customized copper-to-fiber or copperto-copper installations.

    Features | House, Organize and Power Up to 12 Tripp Lite Media Converters

    This media converter chassis accommodates as many as 12 Tripp Lite N784-H and N785-H multimedia converters, including SC, ST and SFP fiber types. You can easily install the media converters in the chassis input slots using the included mounting brackets and hardware to create a variety of copper-tofiber or copper-to-copper installations, including singlemode, multimode and open SFP port converters. The N785-CH12 is compatible with N784-H01-SCMM, N784-H01-STMM, N784-H01-SCSM, N785-H01- SCMM, N785-H01-SCSM and N785-H01-SFP converters.

    Works with DC and AC Power Supplies

    The N785-CH12 is compatible with both DC and AC power supplies, including the preinstalled N785- CH75W-AC with six-foot (1.8-meter) power cord, NEMA 5-15P input and preinstalled glass-tube fuse (two spare fuses are also included). A second power supply may be installed to provide redundant power to the chassis and avoid network downtime. A trigger guard helps prevent the power switch from being turned off accidentally.

    Rear Fans Help Prevent Overheating

    Three fans built into the rear of the chassis draw air inward to help keep the media converters cool. You may periodically clean the fans by removing the panel assembly.

    LEDs Keep You Informed at a Glance

    Green LEDs on the front Status Monitoring Panel indicate when a media converter has been correctly installed in each input slot. These LEDs will not illuminate if an input slot is empty or if power is not being properly supplied. Three red LEDs let you know the cooling fans are functioning properly. Another red LED informs you that the chassis is receiving power.

    Flexibility in Installation Gives You Options

    The N785-CH12 mounts into 3U of space in your EIA-standard 19-inch rack using the included hardware. It can also rest flat on any desktop or mount on a wall with the use of a shelf (not included) that is securely mounted to a suitable structure. The shelf must support at least 33 pounds (15 kilograms). It should not only be large enough to accommodate the chassis, but also allow sufficient space for adequate ventilation on all sides.