In todays systems more power is required to meet the demand for video, voice, and data services. In order to meet these requirements, Regal introduced the RMT2000 RF Only Tap. This RF Only Tap is an integral part of the RMT2000 family. With its 12 amp current capacity and improved RF performance the networks powering capacity can be upgraded without the expense of replacing taps. Regal was the first to develop the Continuous Power Bus (CPB), a standard feature in the RMT2000, which provides uninterrupted power and RF service even if the faceplate is removed. To avoid having to replace all existing taps, Regal developed a field upgradeable migration strategy. Factory installed Continuous Power Bus (CPB) for uninterrupted power and RF service when the faceplate is removed 2.5 kV surge resistance, ANS/IEEE C62.41-1991, Class B, 2500 V surge 12 amp current capacity improved Superior EMI isolation characteristics and corrosion protection Available in narrow- and wide-body housings 5 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth capacity; low loss performance Migration strategy allows the operator to upgrade network power capacity without the expense of replacing taps Can upgrade from existing Regal taps simply by switching the faceplate