1. The motherboard ARGB 3PIN lighting control interface can be expanded to 6 to centrally control multiple RGB lighting devices.
2. The motherboard PWM speed control interface can be expanded to 6, and the PWM speed control of multiple 12V 4PIN fans can be concentrated.
3. There are magnetic and adhesive dual-purpose fixing methods, which can be adsorbed on the iron of the chassis or bonded to the of other materials.
4. The two connecting wires in the kit have fan speed control and light control functions, which are more practical.
5. Made of PCB board, good anti?impact and anti?interference performance, more stable transmission.

How to Use:
1. It is suitable for 12V 4PIN fan with PWM speed regulation (3PIN fan can also be connected, but there is no PWM speed regulation function).
2. Insert the SATA interface (or IDE interface) of the computer power supply into the power supply interface of the extender.
3. The PWM cable is connected to the CPU fan socket of the motherboard. The computer CPU fan must be connected to the red 4PlN fan base of the extender (see the illustration for details).
4. Connect the ARGB cable to the motherboard. If is for ASUS/MSI/ASRock motherboard, please insert the 5V ARGB 3PIN port on the cable into the corresponding socket of the motherbo

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