1. Portable digital TV satellite finder, built?in amplifier, can compensate for insertion loss, provide less signal loss, stable and reliable.
2. Simple operation, with an electronic buzzer, attenuation, prompts and backlight, LED display, which can visually display the strength of the satellite signal.
3. No recalibration or complicated programming is required, and it is suitable for installation and adjustment of satellite receiving antennas.
4. The frequency range is 950?2150MHz, the input level range is ?40 ? ?10dBm, the working range (LNB gain) is 52?60dB, and the gain is 10dB.
5. With a compass, it can be adjusted more easily and quickly, compact and portable, with stable signal, suitable for outdoor camping.


Item Type: Satellite Finder
Material: ABS
Frequency Range: 950-2150MHz
Input Level Range: -40 - -10dBm
Impedance: 75
Gain: 10dB
Power Supply: 13-18V DC
Working Temperature: 0-40
Working Range (LNB Gain): 52-60dB

Package List:
1 x Satellite Finder
1 x Manual

1. Do not place the product in an environment that is too corrosive, humid and high temperature.
2. Please supply power in accordance with the operating voltage. Using other voltages may cause fire and product damage.