AV to HDMI Adapter
Quickly connect old game system / old DVD to HDMI TV, converts RCA/ AV/ composite/ CVBS signals into HDMI signals.
RCA input is compatible with most old game systems with RCA output, such as Nintendo 64, PS, WII, Xbox, etc. and DVD, VHS, Laptop, VCR, Camera, DV, etc.
HDMI output is compatible with HDTVs, projectors and displays that support HDMI input
Plug and Play, only converts AV to HDMI, cannot be used in reverse.
No need to install drivers, portable, flexible.
HDMI output supports up to [email protected] (3D and 4K are not supported)

RCA to HDMI Converter Instructions and precautions:
1, Connect the RCA port to the RCA cable of the game console or old DVD (The RCA port of the product is a female port. If your signal source is also a female port, you need a male cable to connect it. The package does not include a male cable. The picture is streaked or unclear, you can try rotating the RCA port)
2, Connect the HDMI port to the HDMI input of the TV or displays (if there is no signal, you can try to change the HDMI cable to test)
3, Connect the power cord of the product (Must be connected to 5V1A power supply to work normally)
4, Set the TV to HDMI input mode (keep the signal source in working condition)
Note: Please use the product correctly
AV to HDMI Adapter Video signal transfer only, can't improve the video quality.
It does not support the use of relays, and can only be directly connected to the product.

Package Contents:
1 X RCA to HDMI converter
1 X HDMI cabler
1 X USB cable
1 X 5V1A adapter power
1 X User manual