The SDI to HDMI converter allows SDI signals to be displayed on the HDMI display, and there will be a local SDI loop out. ,
So that you can quickly transmit signals without causing any loss. It can separate the audio signal of SDI and embed it in the HDMI signal to achieve the simultaneous transmission of sound and graphics
Support SD-SDI ,HD-SDI,3G-SDI input
Automatically adapt to SDI input resolution
With a local SDI loop out
Compatible with Level-A and Level-B
One audio channel in SDI is embedded in HDMI
SDI input has anti-static
Support customization
Equipment list
1XPower adapter 5V@1A
Appearance Description
SDI INPUT SDI signal input
SDI OUTPUT SDI signal output
HDMI OUTPUT HDMI signal output
DC5-12V 5v power input
S SDI signal input
P Power on
Performance parameter
Operating temperature 23-158
Operating humidity 5 to 90% RH
Output Audio Support 48KHZ
Power Consumption 2.5W
Maximum transmission distance(SYWV/RG-6)
3G SDI 400 ft
HD SDI 650 ft
SD SDI 900 ft
Installation Instructions
connect the SDI signal to SDI IN through SYWV/RG-6 wire
connect the HDMI OUT to display device through HDMI wire
Power on the device
problem analysis
Under the long distance transmission or high resolution transmission situation, if the video led is not lock, try the RF standard RG-6 cable.
if P_led is on and S_Led is not on, check whether the wire is OK (SDI cable, HDMI cable).