1. R / L audio must be connected if you want to use S-video as the output signal, otherwise there will be no sound.
2. This HDMI to S-video RCA Converter supports S-video & RCA output simultaneously.
3. Maximum HDMI input resolution of this HDMI to RCA(Composite/ AV/ CVBS) converter is 1920 x 1080p. Does not support 4k HDMI input.
4. Please set PAL / NTSC switch to NTSC if you are in the United States.

SUNNATCH HDMI Svideo RCA converter converts HDMI signal into S-video & RCA composite video signal simultaneously.
It allows you to watch HDMI videos and images on CRT TVs & monitors with RCA or Svideo inputs.

1. HDMI RCA Svideo Adapter: Aluminum casing
2. S-video + RCA & L / R audio simultaneously output
3. Input HDMI Resolutions: 480p(60Hz), 576p(50Hz),720p(50Hz / 60Hz),1080i(50Hz / 60Hz),1080p(50Hz / 60Hz)
4. Output signal: Composite & S-Video + L / R Audio
5. Output video systems: PAL / NTSC

Package List:
1 x HDMI to Composite Svideo Converter
1 x Power Plug
1 x S-Video Cable
1 x RCA Cable
1 x User Manual