Coverts BNC analog signals to HDMI signals, making it possible to use a normal HDMI ready display to replace expensive LCD video monitor and view BNC video signal. It utilizes 3D compensation technology to provide advanced signal processing with great precision, colors and resolutions.The converter can convert the audio and video signals of 480I (NTSC)/576I (PAL) format to 720P/1080P HD HDMI signals.
The item is the ideal solution for BNC sources such as security cameras, surveillance DVRs and multiplexers. It can upscale 480I (NTSC)/576I (PAL) BNC signals to 720P/1080P so you can view your security footage in HD.
Common Troubleshooting Solution
1. No signal or no image
a. Make sure the connected direction is BNC analog signals to HDMI signals.
b. Make sure the signal device is analog camera.
c. Make sure all power plugs are correctly inserted into the power sockets and check if the power is on.
d. If output monitor is PC monitor, HDTV, or projector, please adjust the device to HDMI mode
2. Image blur
a. Reconnect the connection port to prevent poor contact of the socket interface.
b. Check the cables quality (cables are in good condition and HDMI cable requirements meet the HDMI 1.3 standard).